For the next 20 days we will be posting the 20 Secrets of Creating the Most Powerful HVAC Business in the USA! Check back Daily for more!

Secret 1:

Build New Trial – Building new trial is the cornerstone of starting your business.  Building new trial means engaging the customer for the first time.  I am so bullish on Direct Mail these days.  Why?  Because everyone else is ignoring it.  The mail box has never been emptier, and has never worked better than it is today.


Get smarter about who you mail to, and get smarter about the offers you use in your direct mail piece.  Have you ever wondered why a heart doctor doesn’t advertise for heart replacement, or open heart surgery?  Because they understand that the key to more operations is simple; get in front of more people that have chest pains, and the core of their business will automatically follow.  Your business is no different.  Why do we always advertise a replacement unit, when all the customer is looking for is a service call.  When the heat and air stops working or functioning properly, they assume it’s a small inexpensive repair, just like a person with chest pains is just hoping it’s gas.  Without getting in front of those that are having issues, we greatly limit the number of people that ultimately need a new unit.


My tip to you today, is focus your message on getting more service calls and you’ll automatically sell more units.