Secret 9:

Repetition is the key to effective marketing:  So often I see companies make the biggest mistake in marketing of failing to repetitively advertise to the same people.  In the HVAC business, it’s similar to what I call a “Flat Tire” Business.  The customer rarely calls you until something is broken or not working properly.  Therefore, awareness of your brand is extremely important.  You can’t always rely on timing and as a result you have to be repetitive.  We all know the GECKO from the GEICO commercial because we’ve seen it a million times.  Could you imagine if they spent all that money and ran the ad only one time and tried to measure results?  When you commit to a marketing campaign, stay with it long enough to measure the results, and the results will not be promising if you do not have repetition as a key component.  This means mailing to the same people often, regardless of your budget.  I’d rather mail to 500 homes 10 times, then 5000 homes once.  You’ll own the 500, while the 5,000 will forget your name within a day.