Secret 7:

Do Something Remarkable:  For many decades, I have preached that if you’re truly going to make a difference and have an impact on your customer, you have to do something remarkable.  So what can you do that is remarkable in the HVAC industry?  Here’s an example – Sometimes our day can get backed up and we run behind.  Always be sure to let the customer know when you may be late, but don’t stop there.  Stop by a Starbucks and get 3 or 4 $10 gift cards to have with you in your truck.  Present one to them when you walk in the home as your way of apologizing for your tardiness. Explain that the last call took longer than expected, and you felt bad for making them wait.  You’ll be surprised how this turns the call around from an upset homeowner, to your best friend in 30 seconds.  It lets them know you care, and have gone out of your way to show them your word means a lot to you.  It builds credibility and establishes trust.  And nobody is buying anything from someone they don’t trust.