Secret 6:

Increase Frequency at which the customer buys:  Often times, adding just one more visit a year to a customer’s home can have a profound impact on your total sales.  In some cases it can double it.  Say you’re averaging one visit per year, increase it to two and you’ve basically doubled your sales. So how do I recommend that you increase the frequency?  By offering the customer products or services that they don’t have.  Again, just like my tip on building the average ticket, creating a segmented customer database is crucial to build sales.  By databasing information such as whether or not the customer has certain IAQ products, you can segment your direct mail marketing efforts to mirror what they are most likely to buy and most likely to need.  By reaching out to the customer 6-8 times per year with ancillary product offerings, you’ll quickly discover that your sales can have staggering increases if this is done properly.  Imagine sending out a Life-Cycle mailing to every service call you’ve made in the last 12 months!  Your competition doesn’t even know where to start with this!