Secret 5: 

Increasing the average ticket: This is one of the main pillars of growing your business.  Remember, building new trial, increasing frequency and increasing the average ticket are the only three ways to grow sales.  To increase the average ticket, I am a big fan of bundling products.  Have you ever considered having a package deal that includes Indoor Air Quality components, upgraded thermostats, HEPA lights, or upgraded filtration systems?  When making a proposal to the consumer, I am a big advocate of bundling and packaging.  Often the package will include a component that the consumer can’t live without, but may have never thought about before your presentation. It gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition, while building the total sale.  Another way to increase the average annual ticket is by learning as much as you can about the homeowner and building a strong database.  This strong database should include the age of their units, what IAQ products that they have or don’t have and whether or not they are on a service contract with you.  Increase the average annual ticket by direct mailing them special IAQ product offerings that they are most likely to need or want based on what you have gathered in your database.  Today is not too late to start building one.