Secret 4: 

Your Service People and Your Truck are your Front Line:  I often refer to the 4-walls of your business as the physical 4-walls surrounding your place of business.  However,  in HVAC, it’s your truck and front line service people that represent your 4 walls.  I’ve seen a picture of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, with a garden hose in his hand washing down the pavement of a parking lot in front of one of his stores in the 1970’s.  Ray preached that the customer experience means everything.  When you pull up to a home in a clean truck, colorful signage, and looking professional, it’s worth a lot more than you can ever imagine.  You’re presenting your customer with a perception that they are being cared for by a true professional that takes pride in their business and their appearance.  Before you or your employees make their first service call, have a checklist of things that are a must, YOU must have a clean vehicle, be well groomed, smell good, have clean clothes, and ALWAYS wear shoe covers when walking in a customer’s home.  These little tricks can go a long way in helping you leave the homeowner with the right perception.