Secret 3:

Never offer a percentage discount!  I have never been a fan of percentage discounts because there is no perceived value in the offer.  In your business, it’s difficult to give a dollar off discount as well because there is no established value of a new unit. As you know, units can vary in price by thousands of dollars, so it’s impossible for the consumer to quantify your discount when there’s this void of an established value.  SO what do I recommend you advertise?  Service specials or payment specials!  Service specials (my favorite being a free diagnostic house call) ignites trust in the mind of the consumer.  They realize you’re willing to invest some amount of effort and time in making the trip to their home.  Keep in mind when you get a call, it’s typically because they’re heating or air doesn’t work.  Here’s a guarantee – the more time you spend in front of homeowners that are having heating and air issues, the more new units you will sell.  It’s that simple.  So before you advertise a discount on a new unit or a percentage off, consider the fact that the customer really has no idea what that means to them.  A free service call however, is very easy to understand, and has a high perceived value.