Secret 20: 

How Do Your Customer’s Feel?  Remember, people will forget what you said and people will forget what you did, but they will not forget how you make them feel.  When you’re done with a call, and you look back at the visit, did you make the customer feel like they got a good value?  Did they feel like you really took care of them on every aspect of the call?  Their feelings are what will linger for a long time.  It’s not important what you charged them, what’s important is how they felt about what they paid you.  I once had a dealer come to my house and the entire time we spoke, he told me what a horrible day he had.  He shared everything that went wrong, even threw in some details about a fight he had with his wife.  When he left, I felt horrible.  Not only do I not remember what he did, I also forgot the details of what he said, but I remember he made me feel guilty that I bothered him with a visit to my home to fix my AC.  By the way, I also forgot who he was and his phone number, because I haven’t called him since. How you make the customer feel means everything.