Secret 19: 

Rewards For Referrals: One of my key teachings is to be remarkable.  I’ve asked every employee I’ve ever hired what they have done in their previous jobs that is remarkable to them.  It’s the unexpected, the wow, the ahh haa! That gets the attention.  Next time someone sends you a referral, I want you to go out and get them a $25 gift card at a nearby restaurant.  Send it along with a hand written note thanking them and letting them know how much that referral meant to you.  It’s unexpected moments like this that will wow your customer’s and have them bragging to their friends how shocked they were to get a reward for sending you a referral.  It’s unexpected things like this that gets buzz going about you, your company and your ethics.  These are the little things that we often forget, that can pay us back in a big way.