Secret 17: 

What makes you so special? A true step-by-step neighborhood marketing plan really should begin the day you go in to business or the day you decide to give up on tired, ineffective advertising techniques. Here’s what I consider to be the most important aspect of any business….determining what make you so special. Why will the public call you rather than your competitors? This is your Unique Selling Experience. To better understand how to create this unique selling experience, you need to hear from your customers on why they chose you in the first place. What they say will describe your U.S.E. The Unique Selling Experience must pierce through the clutter and say something so compelling about a brand that it motivates a consumer to action over and over. Simply to amuse and entertain is not enough. Before you write your positioning statement, think about what is unique to the character of your business. Doing so often raises soul-searching issues that can test your corporate courage and fundamental beliefs. Remember, Coca Cola is the Real Thing, Pepsi on the other hand is the choice of the new generation, Southwest sells freedom. What do you do and what makes it special?