Secret 16: 

What’s Your Customer Satisfaction Rating?  Most people don’t know because they never ask.  I strongly recommend that you begin a customer satisfaction survey and leave it with every home you leave.  Include a stamped and addressed envelope so they don’t have to pay to help you.  Tell them how important it is that they fill it out. Auto dealerships are the best at setting you up for the survey, before it comes to your home.  When you take delivery of that new car, the salesperson always brings it up and says if anything is less than stellar, can you please call me first?  Why?  Because they have learned the value of being able to advertise a strong customer satisfaction report.  Create one on your company today.  Ask questions pertaining to the friendliness of the staff, both on the phone and in person, timeliness of the call, professionalism, understandable explanation of issues that were found and if the problem was fixed to their satisfaction.  Once you have the results, and their positive, you can include the findings in your advertising to increase your trustworthiness.  If they’re not positive, you’ll realize where you need to make adjustments.