Secret 15: 

To Keep Eagles Working for you, Don’t Negotiate Salary!  I’ve had many clients that pride themselves on how little they can pay their employees.  Ironically, they’re the ones that always seem to have the highest turnover and the least successful companies.  I am a big fan of paying an eagle more than they expect.  If on the interview, you’ve got a fabulous candidate but they’re asking for a lot more than you’re willing to pay, either bring them up to that level or keep looking.  If you try to negotiate with them and have them accept a lower salary, they’ll keep looking for another position even after they’ve accepted your offer.  Employee turnover can be the biggest drain on a business.  So if you’ve budgeted say $35,000 for a position, and the candidate is looking for $30,000, why not offer them $32,500 and have someone that believes they’re so valuable to you that you’ve actually paid them more than they’ve asked for.  It’s relationships like these that end up in decade and life long employment.  Eagles are too hard to find, don’t let your next one slip away of negotiate them in to the role of a turkey.