Secret 14: 

Conduct Personality Assessments for your employees and candidates:  I wouldn’t hire a single person without knowing who’s behind the façade.  IN fact, personality tests have become so reliable, that there’s even a mechanism to make you aware if they are being truthful with the test.  I also encourage these tests for your existing employees.  When you measure those that are your best producers, and learn the attributes they have, it arms you with the knowledge in what character traits to look for in potential candidates.  These tests have come way down in cost, which makes them affordable for any size company.  You’ll quickly learn and understand the type of people to watch for.  While many have a strong ability to judge people quickly, many times these tests will either confirm your initial thoughts, or challenge your confidence.  In either case, they’re well worth implementing at your company.  In times like these, job candidates can get really good at faking an interview.  For existing employees, let them know that you’re looking for them to simply trust the test. And there’s no right or wrong answers.  It just helps you determine if you have the right person in the most productive area of your company.