Secret 12:  

Fish When the Fish are Biting:  I’m a big fan of direct mail and I’ve seen it literally light up the top line of businesses across the country.  I also believe that you’ve got to fish when the fish are biting.  Just as you wouldn’t try to sell an AC unit in December, there are specific times throughout the year that make the most sense for your products.  In season, you want to hit the pedal hard to talk about the product that’s appropriate.  What’s great about your business, is that there’s a product for nearly every month of the year.  Think of all the (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality products that are perfect to showcase each season.  From humidity and mold control, to filtration systems, each has a place in every market.  Look at your sales for each product you sell and see when the spikes occur.  Start your direct mail programs featuring those products in the neighborhoods your prevalent in about 45 days prior to the peak, and hit those homes a minimum of 3 times with the same card.  You’ll see you’re action soar just as you would if you fished at dawn and dusk.  Just as bass don’t bite well at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, few are buying AC units in the winter and heating units in the summer.  Time your media plan to fish when the fish are biting.