Real Estate Industry

Become a REAL ESTATE NOVELST and SHOWCASE YOUR PROPERTIES! A 6″ x 11″ postcard of your listings will pique potential buyers’ interest. You could place their dream home right in their hand or provide the nudge they need to upsize or downsize. Captivating images, property details, and compelling descriptions in your Real Estate Direct Mailers simply get the listing in front of eyes that may not be looking at property websites! Mailers are THE edge on your competition in a business that often uses similar strategies. 

Suggested Programs:

Radius Marketing: A striking, unique direct mailer will inform the neighborhood of real estate opportunities.

Saturation Mailings: Pull out all the stops with our Saturation Mailings Program—the pinnacle direct mail operation knocks on EVERY door.

Mail My List: The Mail My List mailer can be designed around a holiday or a simple thank you, letting them know you appreciate their business. Play the numbers game and widen the scope of your business.