Be the First to Welcome New Neighbors – And the First TO Get the DEAL! With SmartleadsUSA, it’s simple to craft a custom postcard or self-mailer that captures your marketing message, and send it to all of the new residents in your neighborhood. As a new resident settles into their new area, they’ll be anxious to explore all of the local businesses, and they’ll need an array of services. Now is your opportunity to win over a new client, one that can stay loyal for years to come. You’ll be forging new relationships with these customers before your competition even knows that they exist. This program is perfect for:
     • Retail Stores
     • Security System
     • Landscaping
     • Accountants
     • Dry Cleaners
     • Pest Control
     • Home Repairs
     • Upholstery
     • Plumbing
     • Dentists
     • Housekeeping Service
     • And More!
The Most Precious Tool In Forging A Relationship With a Restaurant Customer! Birthday Marketing Made Easy – No Data To Gather, We Already Have it!Remember your last birthday? Remember what made it special? That’s easy- it’s the fact that other people remembered, and recognized the occasion. Now your restaurant can employ this simple direct mail marketing strategy into a sophisticated campaign that will help you win new customers and forge that precious relationship with your customer!

With SmartleadsUSA, it’s simple to implement a birthday marketing program. You simply designate a radius around your restaurant and we handle the rest. SmartLeadsUSA will custom-design your birthday mailer and send it to our proven database of names in your immediate area- including names, address and yes, birthdays. A few weeks prior to a birthday, SmartleadsUSA will mail a customized postcard, including your message and offer for a total cost of just $0.79 each* for our standard postcard and just $0.89* each for our jumbo panoramic 6 x 11 postcard. That includes printing, postage and the list of birthdays in your neighborhood. Best of all, there are no monthly minimums, so this program can be implemented on any budget.

If you have realized that there may be more customers coming to your restaurant from work than home, it’s time to capitalize on this lucrative at work marketplace.

We have more than 12 million human resource manager’s nationally that would love to receive your special offer for themselves and their employees. In fact, many are eager to participate in helping you place your promotional coupons for their employees right on their lunch room bulletin board. You simply offer them an incentive (like a free lunch) and we take care of the rest, right around your location.

From geographically targeting each participating company to mailing out the coupons for their employees, we handle it all. This program has produced some of the strongest response rates and largest returns on investment of any program we offer.

Automatically Market to New Neighbor’s, Local Businesses, and Birthday’s without lifting a finger! Yes, these programs coupled with a free incentive to try your restaurant often achieve double-digit redemption rates. New neighbors are eager to search out those establishments in their area to which they will become regular patrons. Business people most frequently go to a restaurant directly from work and make large catering purchases, and what better way to build new trial from a customer than to remember them on their birthday. Best of all, our birthday program requires ZERO effort on your part, because we already have all of the birthday data on the majority of your neighbors in our database! That’s right, no names to collect, just implement the program and watch the redemptions come in.

With these neighborhood-marketing programs, you simply make one call to our office, and all can be underway with almost no effort at all from you. We gather new neighbors across the USA, have an accurate list of millions of businesses around the nation, and even have birth date information on thousands of prospects living right around your location. We have all the information you need to launch these highly responsive campaigns right at your fingertips.
No Swollen Advertising Budget Needed! Turn Key Neighborhood Marketing System just $178* Per month!!
What you get:
     • Complete new neighbor mailing program
     • Complete birthday mailing program
     • Complete business-to-business mailing program
Includes printing, list acquisition for your local trading area, and postage. We do it all for you in full color with NO PRE-PRINT TO BUY OR LARGE MAILING COMMITMENTS TO MAKE!

Big budgets are not necessary at SmartleadsUSA, LLC! All You Have To Do Is Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 1-888-795 – MAIL (6245) and find out how to energize your restaurant marketing program with the power of neighborhood marketing.

Each year, every practice will experience customer attrition due to people moving out of the area. But what are you doing to replace those that leave? With our automated New Neighbor program, the answer is at your fingertips.

Our New Neighbor (Monthly Mailing List) option is by far the easiest program in the USA. In fact, many of our dental clients have put together packages for New Neighbors, but realize that attaining the right list for a small geography can often be the biggest challenge.

First, finding a reputable source, then figuring out how to convert the list to mailing labels, meeting minimum order requirements, etc. etc. It’s no wonder many practices give up before they get started. Well, with SmartleadsUSA, simply sign up for the program, and we’ll automatically email you the list each month, preformatted in Avery(r) 5160 order ready to simply open and print right from your desktop. All you’ll be left to do is peel and stick, add postage and your campaign is in full swing.

Best of all, our program has no minimum order! That’s right if just 10 people move in this month in your preset radius, you’ll only get charged for what you use. And at a low cost of just $0.25 per name, plus a monthly output fee of $9.95 it’s no wonder that many call this the best investment they’ve ever made marketing their practice.