• Thank You Letters
• Tune-Up Reminders
• IAQ Offerings
• Service contracts
• Holiday Cards
• Installation Anniversary Cards

What is Life-Cycle Mailing? It’s a series of touch points that are pre-determined, through direct mail that connect you with your customer at precisely the right time with the right message.

So you sell a new HVAC unit for example, and think it’s now time to move on to the next customer. The irony is that the customer you just left, may be more productive over the next several years than going to hunt for a new one!

With Life-Cycle Mailings, we set up several flights (series of mailings over the next 12 months) that your customer will receive. If you don’t have a service contract with them, it might be “weighted” toward service contract messaging.

If you do have a service contract but have not sold them much in the way of IAQ products, it might be IAQ weighted. You can dictate the yearly schedule of events, most have 6-9 in a year that include a Thank You letter, Spring and Fall Service reminders, 1-2 IAQ offerings, 1-2 Service Contract offerings, a Holiday card, and a 12 Month Anniversary of Installation card.

Once you enter your customer’s name and address, you simply pick from the flights we’ve created especially for you and submit. We automate the entire process for as many years as you want!