Increase Your Direct Mail Results With This Proven Approach:
Most homeowners receive one to two mailings in a year from different HVAC companies, creating no stand out in their minds. Imagine if you will, what would happen if you selected just a few neighborhoods where you have the best presence, and you mailed just 1000 pieces per month every month for a year. We know what happens, the results are staggering!

Because your business is typically only necessary when there are problems, we often are mailing to people that don’t currently have any issues. But at some point, as you know all too well, they will. And when they do, we want your mailer in their hands. By mailing to the same group of 1000 homes every month, you stay top of mind and position yourself in the mind of the homeowner as the company with the greatest presence in their neighborhood. We’ve consulted with companies that have done this religiously as their primary source of advertising, and today, these companies literally own the neighborhoods that they have gone after. This business is really about building your business one neighborhood at a time. The larger your company is today and the more you want to grow, determines how many neighborhoods you attack at the same time.

So let’s get to work on defining the neighborhoods and putting this to work today. Waiting until tomorrow just gives the competition time to get ahead of you. Imagine how you’d feel if the neighborhoods you want to target start getting a mailer every month from one of your competitors? Lock them up today, because being first gets the lion’s share of the business!