The premise behind radius marketing is simple; mail a minimum of the 50 closest neighbors around every job a card that talks about the fact that you were just in their neighborhood. This not only builds additional brand awareness in the neighborhoods that you are working in, but by stating in the card that you were the name that their neighbors trusted for their recent job, it’s also an implied referral. Nothing is more important than trust, and without it, no business can occur. This helps establish that you are the trusted source among the neighborhood.

With any marketing, repetition is crucial. Mailing a neighborhood once can often have a residual effect for quite a while. Mailing it 3-4 times can make the world of difference. This repetition should be spaced out not more than 3 weeks apart. Just as you would never consider running a television ad one time, this is not different. We’ve seen business grow from a mom and pop to over $8M in annual sales using the rules of radius marketing, so don’t hesitate, because this one is too important to leave out of your marketing arsenal.

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