One of the most important parts of any direct mail or print advertising is the headline. It must draw the customer in and either raise a question to which they want an answer, tap in to pain that they’re currently experiencing for which they seek a solution, or make a statement which establishes immediate trust.

With radius marketing for example, you’re headline can often establish immediate trust simply by stating you just finished a job for their neighbors on a specific street that they are familiar with. This creates a feeling of trust:
“We’re in your Neighborhood on Berwick Drive!”

Some others to consider would be:
“Is your dust level out of control?”
“Are you experiencing mold issues?”
“Is your house as dry as the desert?”
“Have you got Hot Spots in your house?”

“Are your allergies bad INSIDE your house? Consider a new air filtration system from ABC Company!”
Here we’re taping in to the pain they may be experiencing and offering a solution. Tie the headline in with a suggestive photo that depicts the headline, then offer the solution and a call to action. The call to action is important. You’re directing the prospect to do something and take immediate measures to resolve the issues you’ve mentioned.

Sit down with a pen and pad and think of each product you sell and what some of the issues someone might be experiencing that are most likely to need that product. Then create a question that taps in to that pain, and offers the solution.