Dental Industry

Every person reading a Dental Industry Mailer is an ATTAINABLE customer! Dentistry isn’t a business where you’re hoping a direct mailer arrives at the perfect time to get patients through your door. Everyone needs to go to the dentist, and, let’s be honest, they need reminders! Send neighborhoods a 6” x 11” jumbo postcard and let your future patients know what offer will get them in your door and what excellent service you will provide that will keep them in your chair for years to come while prompting current patients to stick to their regular visit schedule. 

Suggested Programs:

Radius Marketing: A striking, unique direct mailer will inform the neighborhood you’re in their vicinity.

New Neighbor Mailings: Put your Dentistry at the front of the line with a Welcome to the Neighborhood Mailer.

Birthday Program: Nothing but good can come from simply saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Saturation Mailings: Pull out all the stops with our Saturation Mailings Program—the pinnacle direct mail operation knocks on EVERY door.

Mail My List: The Mail My List mailer can be designed around a holiday or a simple thank you, letting them know you appreciate their business. Play the numbers game and widen the scope of your business.